Team PEP

PEP Whole Person Learning was ‘hatched’ in 2012 by Michelle Nemec and Fiona Stevens in the enchanting southern labyrinth of caves on Caves Beach, following an afternoon poetry recital for Ryan and Byron.

It is the unique meshing of their knowledge, lifelong passion and understanding of positive education and poetry which motivated them to develop and design PEP into PEP Whole Person Learning.

Dr Michelle Nemec

Her Signature Character Strengths are Optimism, Leadership, Creativity and Curiosity

Michelle is known as an outstanding Educational Leader. She believes in what PEP can do to enhance your school approach to positive education and how students and staff perceive schooling.

She is an expert Educational Consultant, Change agent, Innovative Educational Thought Leader, International Inspirational Educational Speaker (New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Al Ain, Michigan and Lisbon). She has been an Educational Leader focused on maintaining excellence in leading New South Wales Schools, and has supported developing schools to improve their educational practices. Awarded 2013 Peoples’ choice Speaker at the USW 3MT School of Education Competition, Author, Executive Coach, Curriculum writer and much more. Michelle is a lifelong learner, an avid traveller and a mother and she is currently studying for a Bachelor of Law degree at University.

Michelle’s experience testifies to her understanding about learning and wellbeing. Michelle worked for over 7 years as a consultant at the Association of Independent Schools NSW, offering professional development and school-based consultancies.

Michelle’s PhD focused on key stakeholder’s perceptions about emotional literacy in a school case-study within the context of positive psychology theory. In her thesis, emotional literacy was the relational quality at an personal and intrapersonal level, between teachers and students and at an organisational level involving all aspects of school ecology. Michelle’s research advances whole-school positive education practices and builds on understandings of the school as an interdependent system of relationships, showing that teachers well-being plays a key role in developing students.

Michelle believes in the power of positive relationships in education, the role played by the student voice and the need for a sense of agency by all involved in the educative process.

Fiona Stevens

Her Signature Character Strengths are Creativity, Social Intelligence, Kindness, Curiosity, Appreciation of Excellence and Beauty, Honesty, Love, Gratitude, Fairness, Humility, Perseverance, Forgiveness, Spirituality, Hope and Love of Learning

Fiona is a Sydney Poet, Creative Collaborator, Wellbeing Australia Professional Member, Board Appointed Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia and Blue Mind Ambassador. Her special interest is in the use of poetry as a memorable expressive art form for developing creative, critical thinking and emotional literacy skills. She has studied at The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales (Mass Communication and Media) , The Poetry School, London (UK).

Fiona has been inspired to blend artistic talents for meaningful projects with educators, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, artists, marine biologists, scientists, graphic designers & many more. Fiona is an authentic thinker with finely developed creative & critical thinking skills.

As a poet she understands that words are powerful communication tools which can have symbolic and metaphorical significance. Daily poetic practice motivates her to nurture an understanding of true self; her connection to people and a sincere appreciation of the world around her. She is on a mission to influence others about the possible, powerful practice of poetry to do the same.

Fiona enjoys contributing to a global purpose and something bigger than oneself. View her creative/collaborative project 2018 Endometriosis Australia March Campaign  2018 EndoMarch High Tea National Campaign Her poems have been interpreted onto EA merchandise Greeting Cards  Wattle T Shirts and appeared in campaigns ENDOFLY 2019 National Campaign, Health Centres, Pelvic Experts, Specialists Consulting Rooms and across all social media platforms by creatively engaging, educating public and medical community about endometriosis Being creatively engaged offers Fiona a sense of agency.

As Blue Mind Ambassador & during 100 Days of Blue her quest is to teach people how to find their own Blue Mind. Fiona’s outreach efforts reached Aboriginal communities, Country Needs People, cycling community, medical spheres, Fire and Rescue Teams and many more. Founder Wallace J Nichols predicts by 2020 the ‘blue’ movement will reach global think tanks & guards in 9 WET HEARTS areas. Films and books are part of #PlanBlue. 

Fiona has visited Japan and worked as an English Instructor teaching Japanese children and adults to converse and write in English and it was in Tokyo that she fell in poetic love with the popular, observational and meditative Haiku verse, a style she likes incorporating in her writing.

When Fiona isn’t riding her bike she loves to dance and is a former Irish dancing medalist who discovered that dancing is like poetry with rhythm and patterned steps. Her dream is to be a dancer. She adores all things French and wishes to speak like a native. Fiona loves horse riding too. For the past eighteen years she has sponsored a child from birth (what a cute baby he was!) in Ecuador. He is now an adult and thriving. His updates, creative artwork and letters of progress provide her with a treasure trove of delight. Fiona feels blessed to know that she’s given the gift of access to life-changing benefits like medical care, educational support, life skills and job training before graduation. She believes pulling people out of poverty into hope feels wonderfully meaningful!

Fiona is involved with Nu-trition an Australian multi-award winning Sydney Fine Food Show Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards and Australian Food Awards Silver medal company founded by her cousin, Maddie Stevens Nutritionist  She believes that a healthy lifestyle balance is important, enjoys a fitness routine and understands nutrition plays a key role in overall health.