Barefoot and Fee

  • Rise and shine

    The yoga of action Luminosity is an online Yogathon to boost awareness and research funds for endometriosis.  As a Board appointed Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia I was recently approached to contribute a video chat for the forthcoming national Luminosity event which will be streamed on Sunday 15th September, 2019. Perfectly, and at the time of filming […]

  • Under our skin

    When data bytes We’ve all heard of Big Data, Data Mining, and Open Data. These days they are becoming Big issues. As I use the web I’m creating data footprints moving to places I never imagined. It’s kinda fascinating that our digital footprints are collected and analysed. Every swipe, transaction, holiday booked, google search, shopping behaviours and […]

  • Messy mishmash

    Smile, it’s only mess! The Secret Space We all need to feel we belong and our home is our castle for self expression and serenity – a secret hiding place! It is also an extension of self. But lazy habits also mean clutter – overwhelming clutter, and clutter steals energy. As we move through Spring […]

  • Expectations

    Great Expectations The most precious thing in the whole world is your own child. It is a love like no other. But children aren’t possessions and you certainly don’t ‘own’ them. When I speak to children and young adults I offer my presence and learn to listen. Children don’t need you to be perfect, they […]

  • Entanglement

    Fiona is a Sydney based poet, Wellbeing Australia Professional, creative thinker, creative collaborator and Blue Mind Health Ambassador. She has studied at The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales and The Poetry School London (UK). Her Entanglement poems explore ideas about the wilderness, trees and nature. Stories of resilience, struggles, togetherness, growth and stillness. […]

  • Driftwood

    Who is Fee? Fiona is a Sydney based poet, Blue Mind Health Ambassador, creative thinker and collaborator. She currently resides by the sea but has traveled and lived by the ocean in some pretty beautiful places like the Isles of Tahiti where she developed her unique writing style and poetic inquiry. Her poetic work has appeared […]

  • Castaway! Imagine the power of gratitude

    Gratitude (n.) The etymology of the word gratitude is simple. In Medieval Latin gratitudinem = thankfulness and Latin gratus = pleasing, thankful. What is gratitude? There has been much discussion about what gratitude is. It is a subject of interest to Scientists, Spiritual Leaders and those in the field of Positive Psychology. Martin Seligman explores […]

  • Design trends ‘too rare to wear’

    It’s everywhere Tortoiseshell! One of the challenges is finding eco-friendly fashion and accessories. I have to admit I’m a free-spirited boho chic but I adore timeless tortoiseshell designs, and animal especially leopard prints. But as a conscious consumer, ocean helper and voice for the voiceless I like to minimize my environmental impact and choose wisely.  […]

  • Serve the people

    Federal cabinet I’m fascinated by Indigenous Australia, the cultural collective, history, beliefs and wisdom. As far as I’m concerned we are all humans of Australia. Wearing a booka (gifted by Nyoongara elders) a traditional kangaroo skin cloak, Australia’s first Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt will serve the people. He is the first Aboriginal person to […]

  • It just feels good to give

    The value of giving and receiving Giving is a social deed and when it comes to charitable giving the heart always rules the head. But what is the price of Altruism? People make money donations daily and give their time to a cause greater than oneself but why is altruism so mysterious? The secret may […]

  • Social media detox plan for well-being

    Is technology your prison? Social media overload is on the rise. Photographic food diaries, camera eats first, click plate, fear of missing out. Social media is making people miserable!  Sharing a meal with digital followers means using your plate as a table and curated meals means shallow experiences. Real world relationships and friendships are missing […]

  • Feed your soul not your desires!

    My mission as a poet and creative collaborator is Whole Person Learning and to start a dialogue with people about many issues including those of which impact planet earth and all species. So just because we think we should all eat meat, seafood and poultry, doesn’t mean we have to do it! As a vegetarian  I […]