Barefoot and Fee

  • The race that stops a nation

    Animal welfare is a big issue.  Why should we consider freedom for humankind, and forget the animal kingdom? The horse race that stops a nation has its seduction hooves and our attention. Every year the nation goes on a ride. But what are the consequences and ethical dimensions of animal welfare? I am an anonymous […]

  • Off script

    For the love of poetry! The script is an endless imagination, bold, eager, playful, risk taking. When in the zone, poetic language reminds us of memories, what we are and what we will become.  Rumi says that a poet is a person whom explores all regions and depths. Poetry is a mindset! When creating poetry […]

  • Blue minding

    Shifting focus from uncertainty to selective attention can be beneficial. Blue Minding – practice what I preach! In recent times it is harder for people to regulate emotions. Being in, on, under and near water can induce a sense of wellbeing and calm. My Blue Mind Ambassador tasks are not just personal, I engage a […]

  • Leaf foliage

    With lockdown restrictions increasing and uncertainty rising, things may feel a little all over the place. What better way to nourish self than with new green friends and poetry. This is a new poem from my “Unearthed” Collection LEAF SUPPLY Her plants mingled, it was a signal~ wild plants know. Little Leaf and Zanzibar Gem, […]

  • Perfect pitch

    Music which is, of course, a personal choice is an essential vibration for the mind and soul. One does not need to have any formal knowledge of music nor, indeed, to be particularly “musical” – to enjoy music to respond to it at the deepest levels. Music is a part of being human and there […]

  • Mirrors of wisdom and self knowledge

    If you really want to go deeper with poetry you need to ask yourself how do you express positive emotions? Our past experiences shape our emotions, how we relate to others and the world around us. Our emotions are part of us, and cannot be set apart. Mirror, looking glass as symbols start ~ where […]

  • Intuitive poetry

    Intuition is a universal gift we all have. We truly have to move beyond the physical realm towards the spiritual to receive guidance. Universal intelligence is a powerful thing. I decided that it was not instinct that enabled poets to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in […]

  • Sequoia

    The sequoia tree is an evergreen and one of the tallest trees on the planet. The story of the mysterious and giant sequoia is spellbinding and inspired my collection. In this “Unearthed” series I have crafted unique poetry. The scent of nature, an open fire and hot coffee brewing just adds to it and makes […]

  • Maker of verses

    Poets are essentially makers of verses. They shape their art with an carefully arranged imagination. As a poet I find that I am more in love with the Australian landscape than ever before. Some of my research have formed the basis of my new poetry collection called “Unearthed.”   SEQUOIA Mirror mirror on clouds and […]

  • i create

    write different think different play different create different Everybody has a right to be different, unique and their own authentic self. i create poetry for those who want to listen. From a core value to a steady flow of seasonal poetry I produce some of the planet’s most meaningful poems. I believe in free expression, […]

  • Poetic knowing and blue mind philosophy

                    Over the years I have been seen as an Blue Mind Ambassador for teaching people how to find their own blue mind bringing together leaders and peoples from all nations. Together we are working on making blue mind common knowledge and practice, sharing resources to drive change and […]

  • Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough

    Sir David Attenborough celebrates his 95th birthday today, May 8. He is a legend in his own lifetime and the dominant influence on the natural world. Cherish the natural world, because you’re a part of it and you depend on it Sir David Attenborough He has been deeply involved in the natural world for the […]