Barefoot and Fee

  • Artfulness of poetry

      Reading, writing and reciting poetry can teach people the skills they need to effectively manage their emotions. Writing poetry encourages resilience to deal with change and this impacts wellbeing. I was recently approached by a global CEO how to get started with poetry. I told him a great strategy for getting people interested is […]

  • Brand Ambassador, core values and goals

      I love VIRAbalm. I actively use it multiple times per day. As a Brand Ambasssador for Nu-trition  I want this brand to succeed. I also love supporting small Australian businesses founded by females. My values regarding wellbeing and conscious brands align with Nutrition’s philosophy. I’m very selective and careful with whom I align! I […]

  • Moon phases

      I feel moon phases really do have an affect on our emotions. Being an earthling and spiritual being, I am aware of the different phases of the moon and have been experiencing strong emotions. I feel crying helps! A blood orange moon is intense and I am sure many people feel its power. Round […]

  • Building a haiku

    International Haiku Day falls on April 17 and it’s a pretty good day to appreciate this style of poetry. Haiku is basically a word structure consisting of 5,7,5 and can be appreciated for its zen qualities. Haiku poetry encourages self regulation through mindfulness, understanding and enjoying the creative process as well as applying concepts like […]

  • Combinational and transformational creativity

    Dona Marie is Chief of her organisation I Hate Litter and she recently talked with Sarah White at Akron Buzz about her campaign to inspire others to pick up trash. Trash is a global issue and everybody needs to play their part. The impact of litter all over the planet and in oceans is a big concern. […]

  • Happy vibes

    I am a person who is curious and likes seeing others shine and soar. It is my desire to inspire people to be their best self. Transformation is a scary process! I am not always brave, at times vulnerable, but I see potential and possibilities. I see the best in people. As an empath, somebody […]

  • Australian Bilby – Ninu

    While the planet celebrates Easter, in my world there is no Easter without poetry.  One of the things I love is thinking about Bilby, the authentic bunny unique to Australia. Resurfacing my understanding of Bilby and poetic strengths is a ways to help the reader understand. I love their ecological knowledge. They are wonderful ecosystem […]

  • La beaute est douce

    When it comes to the best of poetry, the mind is a garden, an inner sanctum of emotions and imagination. Through poetry we learn to express positive emotions and these can be delivered through rhyme, prose, meter and rhythm etc. This beauty is soft – as if music and wood, agate, cloth, wheat, peaches the […]

  • On the grid

                  I’m a spectator of Formula 1 Racing and an even bigger fan of female motorsport drivers. It’s hugely empowering to be a female in a man’s world of motorsport. Women wearing the race trousers of inspiration, performance, leadership and drive.  My fundamental aim is to drive female talent […]

  • Pay it forward

    Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness Martin Luther King It’s Endometriosis Awareness Month and the global dialogue continues. Recently I was gifted this beautiful yellow sarong from Curvy by Capriosca Swimwear – a thoughtful gesture organised by the lovely Mel Greig […]

  • Poetry girl

    Just the right madness to make her interesting atticus The poet’s eye inspires poetry collections. Home grown poems bring poetic themes you can relate to every day. As a poet I have a talent for engaging the reader through poetic techniques to bring a special joy.  It was her chaos that made her beautiful atticus […]

  • In between

    (Portrait gallery size of me) Our civilization makes us abandon fantasies, but these are a normal part of being human. Dream work is an important part of sexuality.  Recently, I collaborated with an famous French illustrator whom paints the female body in the most sensual and erotic way. His illustrations are sublime and are used […]