Barefoot and Fee

  • Natural beauty and relational values

      Natural beauty + relational values Understanding true beauty is to go beyond the superficial and see the soul. Way too many people invest in their appearance and forget the hidden qualities, which in the mind’s eye are the most endearing.  A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, […]

  • Nuts and bolts

    Like anything, if you want something to last, do the groundwork and build a foundation! The same is true for poetry. If you want to write poetry that lasts, go down deep into your soul before you climb, letting go of the superficial and ego. Be vulnerable and authentic. Create your foundations of deeply emotional […]

  • Emotional hygiene

    When we speak about personal hygiene we tend to think about washing our hands and taking an interest in daily cleansing rituals. Emotional hygiene is just as important. It encourages taking care to nurture pure thoughts to support emotional health. The Dalai Lama encourages humankind to use commonsense.  Simply taking a dip in the ocean […]

  • Nature’s authorities

    Nature’s fundamentals are a constant design of forces all working together to create a beautiful nursery of lights, gravity which sticks us to the ground, and two other strong and weak forces. It’s a fine balance. NATURE AUTHORITIES Your walk through a garden shouldn’t be a rush to see roses, tulips, gardenias and such the […]

  • Polished poetry

    Poetry is a beautiful art form! Making a difference with poetic compositions requires using words we don’t normally use. Imagery is an important tool that shapes poetic efforts. Tools of trade include, metaphor, personification, symbolism and simile, just to name a few! The first poetic draft doesn’t need to be perfect, but editing compositions can […]

  • Australian Made, Australian Owned

    Virabalm is a new Australian Made and Owned product. VIRAbalm sanitiser is an easy to use product and can be taken as a personal carry in your handbag, by the pool, in your car, shopping, walking, at the beach or whenever you are out and about.  VIRAbalm cleans hands without drying the skin and its unique […]

  • 8th Annual Blue Mind Online Book Club

      This afternoon in my beautiful coastal home I sat by the ocean. It is during these moments I realise that sitting by the ocean helps you know its role for body, mind and spirit. As a Blue Mind Ambassador it is my job to teach people how to find their own blue mind. I […]

  • Be gentle

      Being gentle should be on everybody’s New Year’s Resolutions notepad Last year captured our attention and left us lost for words. 2021 commences with similar challenges. Be gentle and try not to make too many changes. It’s more meaningful to align with your best self in all systems including emotional, spiritual, creative, physical and […]

  • Own reality

    Be centred in your own reality and identity. Be your best self, transparent and uniquely genuine. Genuine people have an inner radiance. They are humble, compassionate, self-aware and self motivated to keep moving forwards. You went carrying your cargo of iron flowers, seaweed battered and abandoned by the South wind, but your hands, still white, […]

  • Poetic possibility during a pandemic

    This is my favourite photo of the year because it tells the story of grit. The pandemic has altered the way we do things. How we learn to grow and push through these difficulties is a challenge. Building grit and resilience means looking inside ourselves, digging deeply to find courage and strength of character. Creative […]

  • Creator, participant, co-designer

    To be a creator you need to be vulnerable.  A desire to prepare for, and work around that. Creativity is something we design into our existence, like a deliberate action. When we relate inside the arena of vulnerability and open ourselves up, the creative process becomes powerfully affecting and flows like magic. Being a creator […]

  • In sync

    We are less in sync with the world than ever before. Earthing is a powerfully connecting practise to restore balance. It is a lovely way to slow down and be present in the moment. A nice self-care ritual is to walk barefoot on the beach, rocks, concrete or grass.  Mother Nature is a wellbeing parlour […]