Barefoot and Fee

  • Dare to be blue?

    When temperatures rise happiness fills the sky. It’s always a good idea to work on self, inner peace, harmony and emotional well-being. Money is slowing “losing power” and we are moving towards an “satisfaction economy.” IMMERSE Dare to be blue, open your mind swim in the ocean , bathe in the tide fleeting, now swaying, […]

  • Tehuana original

    Frida Kahlo was a standout, with a finer tendency to paint with more soul than most of us could imagine. I adore Frida for being her true authentic self, fully awake in Mexican dreams. Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic Frida Kahlo I carry a Frida Kahlo clutch bag […]

  • My friendship with nature

    Our world is exceptionally beautiful and its beauty has long made people smile. It’s the sea, seashells, waves, sky, ocean, sand, sun, flowers etc. When I visit the beach, I find myself studying seashells with a keen eye for creativity. Near the source, the ocean, I am my most creative and this lovely shell was […]

  • Rabbit proof threads

    There is nothing more powerfully affecting than seeing art in a gallery. One lady wanted to touch it, another starred. I got to walk under it! I saw with my own eyes people being moved into art. They call this embodied cognition. The beautiful installation (White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney) was created by Zhu Jinshi with […]

  • Free artistic expression

    Free artistic expression is a sort of paradise for the imagination and mind. A poetic style in which is the most perfect for me barefoot, exploring subjects that range widely over the literary, social, planetary and artistic landscape. The highest form of free artistic expression is to write and move ideas without being fenced in, […]

  • The Writer’s Studio

    In my daily happenings I seek to discover sources of poetic inspiration and poetic wealth rather than material sources. I adore transforming my poetic teachings into an tool for social change and challenge existing discussions on topics like planet, people and species. I feel most happy when my pen is with me and I welcome […]

  • Leaf supply

      Plants are pretty important for wellbeing. They are natural air cleaners. As a poet I enjoy being a participant in nature and I enjoy nurturing plants. Plants and trees reduce greenhouse gases by soaking up co2, they provide shade and absorb nasty things from the atmosphere plus they have an inner knowledge which allows […]

  • Creative energy

    Creative energy reveals its own perfection and magic. The choir of the wandering crowd that create, design projects and engage in creative pursuits have their own stories, energy and spirit. As a poet who is passionate about self expression, I believe discovering expression in a new way and fresh material is the soul of creative […]

  • Letters to stars

    One of the best things about the universe for poets is that is can surprise the eyes, helps for clarity of mind and stimulates creativity. To look at the world with poetic eyes is to see the stars, energy, matters, planets and space as a player who inspires artistry, self expression, originality and imagination. My […]

  • Individuality

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Do you follow the crowd? Are you a sheeple? Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions and their lives a minicry, their passions a quotation Oscar Wilde I am a poet of deep intellectual […]

  • Self-care practices

    At the bathhouse washing her hair Rumi Discovering things you enjoy doing is really important. They don’t have to be elaborate. Simple self-care rituals are best. I am curated from shamrocks, desert soil and poetry with a dash of Baileys Irish cream and a fair dinkum amount of genuine Australian. As a young girl my […]

  • Paper markings

    The world can be harsh! To escape the madness, writing things down can be a really good boost. The digital world can distort our views, as can our daily happenings. Out there in the world there is so much decision-making, problem-solving, information to digest, blah blah blah! Releasing creativity and exploring imaginative ways to invent […]