Building Strengths

The Latin aphorism Carpe Diem taken from a poem in the Odes (Book 1, Number 11) in 23 BC written by the poet Horace was popularised in the movie the Dead Poet Society by the late Robin Williams.

If students and staff are to truly seize the day they need to possess the skills to do so; to meet and tackle the challenges they face and to use their strengths for success.

When students and staff are known for their character strengths, they can also be appreciated by others and known for their unique virtues. Bringing ones character strengths to a team, a class and a school purposefully and knowingly, can enrich schooling and students’ lives beyond school.

The character strengths in the categories of:

  • Wisdom

  • Courage

  • Humanity

  • Justice

  • Temperance

  • Transcendence

Each of our signature strengths enables us to make a unique contribution to all that we tackle. Our character strengths can be celebrated through poetry and other expressive forms in lasting and memorable ways.