Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough

By Fee Stevens, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Wellbeing Australia Professional Member, Blue Mind Ambassador

Sir David Attenborough celebrates his 95th birthday today, May 8. He is a legend in his own lifetime and the dominant influence on the natural world.

Cherish the natural world, because you’re a part of it and you depend on it

Sir David Attenborough

He has been deeply involved in the natural world for the longest time and is a wonderful nurturer of Mother Earth.

Thanks a bunch Sir David Attenborough for bringing us nature documentaries that shine as bright as you are!

As humankind we need to be careful not to cut the stems of growth with average goals. We should all think like an environmentalist, work like a bee, love Mother Earth and be kind.


There’s more to earth than mirth and girth

there’s nature’s skirt, ocean’s shirt

our words assert, like Wordsworth

there’s more to earth than soil and dirt,

our trees are hurt, let’s get to work,

to save our earth!


These days we are less in sync with Mother Earth than ever before. Yet nothing awakens us more than nature, species and all peoples. The world is our garden of sublime beauty and loving our planet is what matters.

Right now we all need to be conservationists. Forming a beneficial relationship with nature and becoming selective about what we do to her. Our desire as human beings is to believe again, by loving and caring, we can!

The best thing a mother can do is to be a good role model and teach children radical self-care, love for nature, human beings and all species. This is the best kind of intelligence.

Being gentle should be a priority. It’s meaningful to align with Mother Nature with your best self in all systems. Consider higher intentions for the good of the planet.

Whilst most people are out partying, being naughty, using drugs, alcohol, people, eating the planet blah blah blah. I, like Sir David Attenborough am busy saving our world. My mission as a creative collaborator and poet is to start a dialogue about greater issues. I write with meaning and purpose. I speak and act my values. I am unapologetically vegetarian and plant-based for more than 30 years ~ way before celebrities. In the early days there was one hippie vegetarian store in Bondi Junction. I was there! My cruelty-free design options make a difference. I am an voice for the voiceless, environmentalist, ambassador of nature and animal lover. I don’t just love animals. I NEVER eat them. Caring about our planet and conscious eating matters. I feel for those who can’t understand the need to care. Eating wholefoods and plant-based gives me joy. Plant-based means non-violence where animals are my friends not food.

I NEVER eat my values!

Yesterday in the mall there was a guy with his dog on a lead. The dog started barking as there was another dog on site, and he just kicked his dog to quieten him. Please don’t kick or hurt animals. Just don’t! Animals model human behaviour. 

I am extremely lucky to live close to the ocean in Dharawaal country. I value my ocean home, nature and all species. In a crowded world, I am surrounded by nature and find balance.

Today, let’s celebrate Sir David Attenborough’s contribution to our wonderful planet and his huge role in our lives.

The world is a wonderful place and there are wonderful things going on in it

Sir David Attenborough

We can all change the world and make it better place for our children and their children.

If you don’t know where to start? Change begins with you! Be a good role model in relationships (intrapersonal and interpersonal), business, social settings, interacting with animals, nature, all systems and vibrations.

As I always say be your best self. Let go of ego.

Happy day and much love,

Fee xo

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