Maker of verses

By Fee Stevens, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Wellbeing Australia Professional Member, Blue Mind Ambassador

Poets are essentially makers of verses. They shape their art with an carefully arranged imagination.

As a poet I find that I am more in love with the Australian landscape than ever before. Some of my research have formed the basis of my new poetry collection called “Unearthed.”



Mirror mirror on clouds and river

sequoia leaves gleam like glitter

stringbark forests, rough and fibrous

understory shrubs where begins love

a habitat to birds, pollinators heard

joy in earthly circle, charm is universal.


The pastoral landscape and relationship with nature encourages Australian bush and nature poetry. The fortune of our vast sea and land country is in verse. The eagerness to practice poetry and participation with nature is important for our imagination, existence, cognitive, spiritual, physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Currently the world is full of dysfunctional energy. Every individual is dysfunctional and needs to create and find peace somehow. Inviting energies which are good is essential to mind, body and spirit.

How we behave is important. How we treat one another is important. How we treat another species matters. How we treat the world amounts.

It might be nippy, but winter is the perfect time to write poetry. The landscape is beautiful and changes to a earthen bliss. Tones of blush, paprika, maple, russet, nutmeg, cinnamon and amber. Is there anything better than writing poetry surrounded by nature or an open fire? Poetry brings warmth into the picture,

Add some to yours!