Off script

By Fee Stevens, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Associate Member Australian Society of Authors, Wellbeing Australia Professional Member, Blue Mind Ambassador

For the love of poetry!

The script is an endless imagination, bold, eager, playful, risk taking. When in the zone, poetic language reminds us of memories, what we are and what we will become. 

Rumi says that a poet is a person whom explores all regions and depths. Poetry is a mindset!

When creating poetry you connect with the good vibes and energy. When the pen touches the paper it’s connecting imagination, spirit and emotions and all of these elements add to authentic poetry.

A softer way of looking at things is revealed in my poem 🙂



In the daylight hour

when my cup is full

I’ll gladly share

half with you,

to gently wake

and soothe the mind

water works every time,

let’s wash the rocks 

with pleasant memories

as one together,

towards the tributary.



Everything in this world is created from imagination. 

Layer upon layer

barefoot on soil

in the eyes of the land

ideas are born.


In the minds eye there is always a meeting with the divine.


Behind each face there is a story,

which reveals all faults – exploratory,

transformation in itself, is the glory –

learn to look, a droite or Montessori!



Off script with love,

Fee X