Perfect pitch

By Fee Stevens, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Participant, Co-designer, Wellbeing Australia Professional Member, Blue Mind Ambassador

Music which is, of course, a personal choice is an essential vibration for the mind and soul.

One does not need to have any formal knowledge of music nor, indeed, to be particularly “musical” – to enjoy music to respond to it at the deepest levels. Music is a part of being human and there is no human culture in which it is not a highly developed and esteemed

Oliver Sacks

They say the gym is good for body and music is good for mind. Besides stimulating creativity, the audio vibration allows us to feel joy.

Relaxing ocean music for instance can quieten the mind which is often ping-ponging here, there and everywhere. The way it plays with our unconscious and emotions. Our brains on water provoke wonderful healing powers.

Music connects us to ourselves and the bigger world around us. Sound connects us to nature too and our environment launching harmonies, patterns and melodies. The enchantment of sound and how we subsequently feel in its musical texture initiates creativity.

Music, uniquely among the arts, is both abstract and profoundly emotional

Oliver Sacks

One of the best collaborations of all time is with David Foster and Kenny G. You really need to put on earphones and close your eyes to feel its power. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like this genre, it’s absolutely vital to expand musical boundaries and tying yourself down to a few genres limits exposure to music, especially two super creatives like David Foster and Kenny G. David Foster has won 16 Grammy’s and produced music for some of the greatest artists of all time. Chicago, Earth, Wind and Fire Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Josh Groban, Paul McCartney, Kenny Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Michael Buble Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli Peter Cetera and the list goes on and on. So much talent!

Music therapy and sound therapy is appealing in its entirety because it alters the mind body balance and helps restore calm. From what I can gather even listening to heavy metal has positive outcomes ~ it reduces anger. On the flip side, mellow music lovers are rated as more “compassionate” and loud music lovers “systemizing”. Generous benefits for all.

Young people should be exposed to music. In terms of brain development, musical performance is every bit as important educationally, as reading and writing

Oliver Sacks

Recently in Sydney during lock down I had the pleasure of collaborating with a young musical maestro. We followed curiosities and created a wonderful musical piece. I recited one of my poems whilst the young music producer played piano. It was an intuitive experience as one artist inspired the other. Poems are really just songs and together music and poetry are entwined. It really was a wonderful experience.

Half of us are plugged into ipods, immersed in daylong concerts of our own choosing, virtually oblivious to the environment, and for those who are not plugged in, there is non stop music.

Oliver Sacks

The poetry music connection is very strong as one craft energizes the other. When we combine poetry and music it allows creative and emotional transformation. Music doesn’t seem to mean much, but when people are exposed the more positive vibes emerge. 

Sometime ago during a workshop I facilitated for dementia patients I saw with my own eyes the incredible transformation music had on these blessed souls. They came alive with music. We sang nursery rhymes and even those who couldn’t speak, reacted by tapping their feet and moving their hands. It was truly an amazing encounter! 

I have seen deeply demented patients weep and shiver as they listen to music they have never heard before, and I think they can experience the entire range of feelings, the rest of us can, and that dementia, at least at these times, is no bar to emotional depth. Once one has seen such responses, one knows that there is still a self to be called upon, even if music, and only music, can do the calling.

Oliver Sacks

Perhaps one of the most important arts is music.

As they say, everything else is just noise!

Much love and music,

Fee ox