Poetic knowing and blue mind philosophy

By Fee Stevens, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Wellbeing Australia Professional Member, Blue Mind Ambassador









Over the years I have been seen as an Blue Mind Ambassador for teaching people how to find their own blue mind bringing together leaders and peoples from all nations. Together we are working on making blue mind common knowledge and practice, sharing resources to drive change and inspire daily strategies. It seems to be working.

Water heals. It sketches our emotions and is connective. Water is a valuable ally and its aquatic care is important for wellbeing. It has psychoemotional benefits too. As a poet, I feel water deepens poetic spirit, imagination, artistry and self expression. Poets have used water as a metaphor for a very long time. How we use language matters, because it can hide truth, reveal reason and change our way of viewing the world. My Blue Minded poetry is part water + part love = amiraculous blend of spiritual, emotional, imaginative and energetic language.


When darkness howls it’s hard to be strong

in depths yonder, the nights be long,

find your water

absorb the blue,

your inner sage

will guide you.


Water is a part of us; a huge resource and the authentic wealth of our planet. We can find ourselves adoring water when we are in, on, under or near it. Our response and emotion to water is pure unity.  The world’s instability can lead people to blue minded practice. As a Blue Mind Ambassador I draw on the benefits of water and language trends, to drop the word Blue Mind into conversation. The more I do this, the more others join, and soon the concept spreads across oceans.

You’re invited to The 8th Annual 100 Days of Blue Mind Challenge May 31-Sept 2021 where we will focus on communicating and sharing the Blue Mind message to everybody, including global leaders and guards in key areas.

Dive in.

Get wet.

Immerse in blue mind strategies and its calming benefits will evolve.

As J says, “I wish you water”

Fee xo