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PEP Well-being Consultant Poet/Studio Creative by Fee


I’m glad you’re here!

Welcome to my poetic, well-being and whole person learning world Studio Creative by Fee connecting you to the heart of creativity and nature whilst nurturing the whole person.

What I do is simple, I create, collaborate and am super passionate about all things poetic, well-being and whole person learning.  I believe anybody can scribble poems and anybody can become better versions of self. 

My special interest is in the use of poetry as a memorable expressive art form for developing creative, critical and emotional literacy skills which support lifelong learning. 

“Fee’s work is heartfelt and insightful, it takes one on a mental journey of reflection and peace”

_Billy Snook Fabien Cousteau’s Chief Diver, Ocean Explorer, National Geographic Film Maker and Deep Sea Submarine Pisces V1 Pilot

Creative Health is very important for our well-being and experiencing the art of poetry as a creator or participant enables us to creatively discover ways to tap into confidence, resilience and mindfulness

“Fiona is a lifelong poet. She began using poetry as a young girl to express her thoughts and emotions. Her poems deal with universal issues that impact well-being. Fiona understands how as a poet she can harness the skills people need to be resilient and thrive”

_Dr Michelle Nemec 

As a poet I want to get people excited about poetry and whole person learning, including emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Venturing in the great outdoors is one way to do it because the human mind loves nature. There is something magical about writing poetry in the outdoors it’s like meditation and the influence of poetry on the imagination is always creative.

The willingness to practice participation with nature is important for our existence, emotional, physical, cognitive, spiritual and social well-being.

We live in a reckless world full of distractions, so it’s important not to desert the point of wonder. When we write poetry under ‘gum trees’ and at the water’s edge we can expand consciousness and balance.

Sessions run all year long, during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each season will offer varying subject matter.

1. Studio Creative Poetry Sessions (Studio)


~Sketch & Fetch! How to create beautiful poetry from your pencil drawings

~Attitude & Gratitude! How to create Gratitude Stones with Poetry & Paint

~Therapeutic Benefits of Writing Poetry

~Poetry as a Ritual

~Haiku Happiness

~Poetry in Flowers

~Spiritual Poetry

~Mindfulness Poetry

~Transcendence Poetry (beyond the climb)

~Nutrition Poetry ~ plant-based & sustainable

~Seasonality Poetry

~Whole Person Learning Poetry

~Positive Psychology Poetry

~Resilience Poetry

~Character Strengths Poetry

Suitable to all levels of experience. Inspired by nature, the ocean and the philosophy of ‘blue mind.’ Proudly supported by Maddie Stevens Nutritionist and Nu-trition  Courses will be run outdoors or from The Wellness and Creative Studio.

2. Studio Creative Well-being & Whole Person Learning Sessions (Studio)


~Minimal Wellness 

~Mindful Parenting! The daily application {moment-to-moment, the way things are}

~NOURISH! Body~Mind~Life. A holistic and Mindful approach to living

~Conscious and Mindful Eating. Tips and Stories from a 30+ years Plant-based Expert

~Pedicure, Prosecco & Pampering (Natural Feet Pampering for Guys and Girls including an indulgent rose petal foot bath and hot oil massage)

~Holistic Cleaning for The Natural Home. Tips and strategies from a Domestic Goddess

~The Fridge Detective. Tips and tricks to organise your fridge for healthy eating

3. Studio Creative Nature Sessions (Outdoors)


~Sea Shells and sea tales! How to create beautiful poetry from sea shells

~Mysterious Nature 

~Australian Landscape Poetry

~Ocean Poetry

~Pareidolia Poetry

~Cetacean and Marine Poetry

~Art and Nature Poetry

~Endangered Species Poetry (CITES listed)

~What can the stars tell us? Astrology Poetry

~Forest Bathing Poetry

~Planetary Poetry

Our Studio Creative Nature Sessions (outdoors) are original and will scout the natural environment. A portion of the session will involve speaking about the impact of marine litter on our oceans and wildlife. We will look for tiny plastic particles along the shoreline with the common goal of collecting trash and placing it in rubbish bins. As “One man’s hymn to the power of water” and a Blue Mind Health Ambassador plus ORRCA Marine Mammal Training Member it’s important to connect meaningfully with the ocean.

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