Secondary Programs and Resources

At PEP we have developed approaches, strategies and techniques for Positive Education bringing together a focus on academics and character strengths combined with well-being.

PEP uses a combination of techniques and approaches for positive education to enable high school students to express themselves, to use their imagination and literacy skills and to think critically about issues within and beyond the syllabus.

PEP offers a range of services and customized learning resources, innovative programs and nourishing workshops for you and your high school. Below are some of these:

Developing units of work

Secondary units of work can be written and tailored to suit your high school context with a particular focus on positive education through poetry, in curriculum areas such as English and Health and Physical Education (HPE).

Commissioning and authorship of poetry for any specialized high school theme or special event

Poetry can be written aligned to your high school ethos, school values, anti-bullying or religious events as well as events such as prize giving, end-of-term or class or year events for primary.

Secondary school student workshops

Enable your high school students to develop self-awareness, their expressiveness and creativity in our workshops. We can customize our approach to suit your needs e.g. developing relational skills incorporating the use of poetry and positive education approaches.

Secondary school student leadership team workshops

Develop your Student Representative Council (SRC), student leaders or students who are leading others through participating in our high school student leadership team workshops.

PEP Secondary leadership coalition planning and implementation workshops

When your school forms a High School Leadership Coalition to implement positive education with a focus on poetry, we provide support through implementation workshops for your team.

Staff workshops

Our PEP consultants can cater for staff workshops on staff days, after school workshops or through a series of workshops over time.

Whole school workshops

PEP consultants can work with a range of your staff including your leadership team, staff and high school students.

Other requested services

Another successful model we offer our clients is working with high schools over a period of time starting with one term or more.


Contact us today

Please contact us today to discuss professional development training for your leadership team and your teachers, especially Primary, PDHPE and English teachers. Our education consultants can deliver in school workshops or ask us how we can tailor an approach for your high school.