Nice Things People Say



Fee’s work is heartfelt and insightful, it takes one on a mental journey of reflection and peace

Billy Snook, Fabien Cousteau’s Chief Diver for Mission 31, Ocean Explorer, Underwater Film Maker & Submarine Pilot


Life is emotion surrounded by words and those words are art. Life is also water and when you combine them you get the poetry of Fiona Stevens, an Australian Poetress who captures life’s essence in prose that stir the heart, mind and soul. When she writes of waves caressing the shore you can feel the froth, hear the cascading currents and smell the salty breeze.

If mountains could sing and clouds cry, Ms. Stevens takes those emotions and composes the words to capture them. Whether you know or understand poetry Fiona Stevens brings those words to life and that’s really what language is all about. Read her, sense her emotions, feel her soul.

Rick Morris, Producer, R.E.M Films and Fly by Night Films, Cameraman, Editor, Drone Cinematographer, Ocean Advocate


Fiona worked with me on a social enterprise company for women with endometriosis, writing superb poetry to send to our members. She is a wonderful person to know and work with, highly creative, sensitive, loyal and trustworthy

Jo Gifford, Chief Brillance Ignitor+Biz BS Detector @ Jo Gifford, Personal Branding Consultant UK


Fiona Stevens has a gift, she is able to say what you and I feel – thank you!

Donna Ciccia, Co-Founder Endometriosis Australia, Director Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Australia Day Ambassador, Donna Ciccia Homeopathy & Nutrition


Having the privilege to know Fiona is the closest I have come to poetry, and it’s lasting! Fiona’s poetry transcends personal imaginings and her empathic inquiry connects and becomes the raw material for all of us

Rene Hoffer, Universitie de la Polynesie Francaise, Entrepreneur and Business Owner


Lovely to see a woman’s body and experience not contrained by stock photography. Those ‘perfect’ photos paired with a hand to a flat stomach, perhaps a slight frown, don’t capture the reality. This is just marvellous. Thank you Fiona