The race that stops a nation

Fee Stevens, Poet, Creative Collaborator, Plant Based Expert, Conservation Writer, Eco Poet, Blue Mind Ambassador, Wellbeing Australia Professional Member, Associate Member Australian Society of Authors

Animal welfare is a big issue. 

Why should we consider freedom for humankind, and forget the animal kingdom?

The horse race that stops a nation has its seduction hooves and our attention. Every year the nation goes on a ride. But what are the consequences and ethical dimensions of animal welfare?

I am an anonymous voice for the voiceless, environmentalist, conservationist, ecology preserver and animal lover. I don’t just love animals, I never eat them!

When discussing the race, it is important to understand that it brings cruelty at close range. The horse kingdom is being used for entertainment and profit. It’s not something I truly understand, the cruelty for profit. We live in a society where the superficial reigns, but the promise of spiritual alignment with species is a concept I am developing. My privilege of being a poet is to write about complex issues, create dialogue and stir emotions.

There is not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate animals. They are infinitely mixed with humankind. We need to appreciate and protect them.

I think in recent times people are looking for distractions. With the easing of restrictions, freedom and end of lock down people are seeking fun. But using animals for that benefit is low value. I have known CEO’s, Co-Founders of sustainable businesses and ocean advocacy companies whom eat sushi and salmon. The worlds oceans are being drained of fish and the industry is on the brink of catastrophe. I would like to see environmental lawyers, human rights and animal activists leading with truth and values. Otherwise it’s a mockup!

The nation needs our empathy, leadership, caution, and not to lose sight of compassion for humankind and all species.

As a poet my raison d’etre and existence is to be a voice for the animal kingdom and humankind. I see things which others may not. Higher level thinking takes effort and sharp focus. Every day people make choices from what to eat, to how they spend their time and who they spend it with.

I suggest people rethink the race that stops a nation and instead focus on higher vibration actions like sustainable food choices, waste reduction, climate change solutions and animal welfare!

The path of knowledge elevates and I’m in the small enlightened ‘circle of mystics’ around the world who live the truth with high standards and values.

I hope people find compassion for all species. Not just cats or dogs, but the entire animal kingdom!


Fee x